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    Aluminized Type 1 Carbon Steel Applications

    Aluminized Steel Type 1 is continuously hot dip coated on both sides with an aluminum/silicon coating. The hot dip process, pioneered by AK Steel, provides a tight metallurgical bond between the steel and the coating. This process results in a material with the strength of steel plus the corrosion protection of aluminum, and the synergistic heat protection of an aluminum/silicon alloy.

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    Product Applications

    Available Grades

    Commercial Steel (CS)

    Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)

    Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS, EDDS+)

    Drawing Quality High Temperature (DQHT)

    ULTRALUME? Press Hardenable Steel

    Stainless Steel (Type 409 and Type 439)

    Product Details

    Product Features


    Aluminized Steel Type 1 has superior performance compared to zinc coated materials for resistance to atmospheric and salt spray corrosion.


    Aluminized Steel Type 1 can be used to produce parts containing simple bends to parts with deep drawing requirements.


    Aluminized Steel Type 1 has excellent heat reflectivity during exposures to temperatures below 800 °F (427 °C), reflecting up to 80% of the radiant heat that impinges upon it.


    Aluminized Steel Type 1 is an excellent heat resistant material effective up to 1250 °F (677 °C). For applications above 800 °F (427 °C) where alloying of the coating is a concern, AK Steel’s Drawing Quality High Temperature (DQHT) grade has been specially formulated to resist alloying at temperatures up to 1000 °F (538 °C). ALUMI-THERM? Steel is a product designed to provide enhanced high temperature strength at temperatures approaching 1400 °F (760 °C).

    Surface Coating Characteristics

    Aluminized Type 1 coating contains approximately 91% aluminum (Al) and 9% silicon (Si) that is metallurgically bonded to the low-carbon steel substrate. The hot dip coating process assures a tightly adherent, uniform coating on both sides of the product. Aluminized Steel Type 1 is supplied in coating weights ranging from T1 13 (0.13 oz./ft.2) to T1 60 (0.60 oz./ft.2). Most common are T1 25 and T1 40. Lighter coating weights (T1 13 or T1 25) are recommended for severe forming applications.

    Formability and Mechanical Properties


    Commercial Steel Type B (CS Type B) and Forming Steel Type B (FS Type B) should be used for moderate forming or bending applications. These products are produced from aluminum-killed continuously cast slabs and unless otherwise specified, have a carbon content of 0.02 – 0.15%C and 0.02 – 0.10%C respectively. To prevent the occurrence of fluting or stretcher strains during forming or processing, both products must be ordered as EXTRASMOOTH. These products are subject to aging and the temper rolling effect is temporary.


    For more stringent forming applications, Deep Drawing Steel should be ordered. Deep Drawing Steel has a controlled carbon content less than 0.06%C. Interstitial Free (I-F) steel may be supplied at the manufacturer’s discretion unless low carbon is specifically requested at the time of purchase.


    Extra Deep Drawing Steel or Extra Deep Drawing Steel Plus (EDDS+) should be ordered for the most demanding forming applications. These steels, also known as Interstitial Free (I-F) steel, are produced from vacuum degassed stabilized grades with less than 0.010%C. EDDS+ has the lowest carbon content available and has been specially formulated to be AK Steel’s most ductile product. For high strength or structural applications, Aluminized Steel Type 1 is also available in yield strengths up to 50 ksi. (340 MPa).


    Aluminized Steel Type 1 can also be specified as Drawing Quality High Temperature (DQHT) for applications where alloying of the coating can be a concern. AK Steel’s DQHT grade has been specially formulated to resist alloying at temperatures up to 1000 °F (538 °C).


    ULTRALUME PHS is available for hot-forming applications. This material is used in hot-stamping applications to achieve final ultimate tensile strength approaching 1500 MPa.


    An Aluminized Type 1 ferritic (409/439) stainless steel is also available.

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