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    Steel Solutions for Electrification in Automobiles

    We are an industry leader in both non-oriented and grain oriented electrical steels. Our non-oriented electrical steels are designed to help automotive manufacturers build more efficient hybrid electric vehicles that deliver exceptional performance and improved driving range.

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    Benefits and Solutions

    Increased Range

    Putting our DI-MAX? HF-10X in your next motor design can help to improve the range of your hybrid or electric vehicle.

    Reduced Greenhouse Gases

    The automotive industry's shift to electrification helps to reduce greenhouse emissions. Our non-oriented, electrical steel products help make this possible.

    Next Generation of Electrical Steels

    AK Steel received a $1.8 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop next generation electrical steels for automotive hybrid and electric vehicles



    DI-MAX? M-15 - M-47

    DI-MAX? M-13

    DI-MAX? M-10X

    DI-MAX? HF-12

    DI-MAX? HF-10

    DI-MAX? HF-10X

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